Read The Fault In Our Stars? Now, watch the movie!

July 7, 2014

the fault in our stars

Was your weekend ‘washed out’ by the rains… or did you spend it sobbing in a darkened movie theatre, hoping no one would notice? The Fault In Our Stars, arguably last year’s most popular Young Adult novel and winner of multiple awards, is currently running at a theatre near you. If you’re a fan of the book, go watch it – and then drop us a line telling us whether the movie matched your expectations!

Generally, do you like watching movies adapted from books that you’ve loved? Or is the experience one of frustration – “Why did they change THAT? It was the most important line in the book!” Do you think Hollywood has started targeting a surefire audience for adaptations – i.e. fans of the book – and pander to them without bothering too much about the folks who haven’t read the books? For example, we doubt that anyone who hasn’t read the Harry Potter books would be able to make sense of the movies. But then again, we also doubt that there are too many people who haven’t read the Harry Potter books! ( And if you do belong to that select few, here’s a review).

Which were the best adaptations from books to movies that you have seen? Check out our list of last year’s books-adapted-to-movies for ideas!

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