To Whom It May Concern… Love, Luck, My Bad!- Review

July 9, 2013

Author: Shariq Iqbal
Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9788188575787
Rating: ★★★☆☆
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Amongst the plethora of foreign authors, we (most people) only recognize one or two Indian writers. Names like "Chetan Bhagat", "Arvind Adiga" or "Salman Rushdie" are on the lips of everyone but what about others?

The trend now days are slightly changed. Many readers like to read novels related to or based on real life stories from young writers. Taking this into consideration, even publishing houses are giving chances to youngsters to write, who have their own way of telling stories to the masses. The very simple thing that it illustrates is that talent is like a treasure, anyone can have it!

From the river of flair, here comes a very captivating story of love and friendship- To Whom It May Concern by Shariq Iqbal. It became a national bestseller soon after in April '10.

It is a story of three friends in a roller-coaster experience, who try to tell us about Indian colleges and what really happens in a student's life. The main characters to look out for are –Ali and a girl named Divya. A Gang of friends leading their lethargic hosteller’s life and then enters a beautiful female lead which changes their perspective.  Ali meets Divya at the hospital and from there and then this story takes it real pace. My favourite of all the character was Sandy, mainly because he acts like a "funny bone". In every group there is someone like him who always has a last-minute study strategy or cooks Maggie. Although the plot of the story is quite explored by other writers, but this novel gives us a unique way of looking at life. These 186 pages are short, concise and aptly written. The strong points are the characters described in the book and their resemblance to the real world.

 We can call this novel as a "Romantic Comedy" with a pinch of drama in it.

The writer's way of holding the reader into its story is commendable. The best thing about this book is its ending. It describes how just one incident can change the way of thinking of someone. Ali had to make some hard choices, not for himself not even for Divya but for someone else, whose life is at stake. That very choice is the “essence” of the story.

It is a very sweet, succinct and a light read, written in plain and simple language.

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