An Interview with Sudeep Nagarkar

October 3, 2013

Sudeep  Nagarkar is an Indian author and speaker. He has a degree in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai. He is the author of the best seller Few things left Unsaid. An Electronics Engineer turned author, Sudeep talks with IndiaBookStore at the Pune fest!

1. What are you looking forward to most, at the Pune fest? Any authors you want to meet and interact with?

Truly speaking, I am very excited for Pune fest for many reasons. For the first time this city of youth is hosting a literature festival and this certainly excites me. Moreover, as I live in Maharashtra, Pune remains close to my heart. I am looking forward to see the energetic powerpacked response from the youth in this fest. If you ask me about authors whom I personally want to interact, then it would be Durjoy, Preeti and few more. Sharing the same stage with them and that too in the same session is indeed a pleasure for me as they all are half decade seniors to me in their writing career.

2. You’ve been turned into an agony uncle on social media! Many young people contact you with their romantic queries, and you’ve answered them patiently. Why do you give so much of your time to this?

I have suffered a mental breakdown in my life when I was hardly 19 years old. I am 25 now and with time I have understood the real meaning of love. Though, I am still too young to guide someone or answer romantic queiries, but when people ask I do suggest them with my style. If because of me, even if few relationships sustain or flourish then it makes me feel good. I try to give as much time as possible to my readers as I believe they are the one who make you and build your brand. I respect this fact and will continue to.

3. The newspapers are full of incidents of stalking and acid attacks on girls by guys who ‘loved’ them but were rebuffed. Why do you think some young Indian men react so badly to rejection?

It’s always sad to hear such incidents. Nowadays, we hear it more frequently. Obviously, men’s ego makes them forget everything. In that state of mind, they just think of revenge. Before reacting to any situation, we all should think about its consequences too. We need to give time and equal space to our partner. I think corporate pressures and our fast life is equally responsible for such incidents as we tend to switch partners too often if we are not satisfied with them without actually analysing the situation.

4. What do you think of arranged marriages? Would you be open to one yourself?

Now that’s tough. Some percentage of youth believes in arranged marriages and some don’t. I personally do not oppose it. It gives a fresh start to your marriage life as you are not aware of your partner’s likes and dislikes. However, even in arrange marriages, couples do love each other at the end of the day! It’s just about compatibality. Don’t ask me if I am open to it. I am too young for marriage. 😀

5. As a foodie, any Pune treats you’ll be indulging in?

I am not travelling to Pune for the first time. I have been there many times before that too from childhood. My fav Puneri dish is Bakarwadi, Chitale products and Joshi vada pav.

6. What if you were offered the chance to write a story for a film starring SRK as the romantic hero?

I will not think twice! He has been my idol for long time now. His career graph and hard work amazes me. Writing for his film simply cannot be denied.  Do pass this message to him. 😛

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