Review : Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less

December 4, 2012
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Publisher: Pan Publishing
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780330419048
Rating: ★★★★½
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This novel by Jeffrey Archer serves intelligence combined with team work at its best. It very well signifies what a person is capable of doing if he is good at what he is, in fact it would be more precise to say a guy's work can be breathtaking in any field if he has mastered his own. Punishment for a crime doesn't have to be legal or harsh every time. Sometimes it is better served without a proper acknowledgement from the accused. In that way it remains a win-win condition. This first novel by Mr. Archer exactly resides in the same stratum.

Harvey may be intelligent, a needle in the hay stack, but it won’t be wrong if we stamp Stephen as his arch nemesis. One million dollars – this is the pompous amount owed by Harvey to the four people for showing them the baneful, rather empty promises of an oil bonanza and instant riches. Harvey may have got through each time, but now there is no way out as he has swindled the wrong men. They band together and shadow him from the casinos of Monte Carlo to the high- stakes windows at Ascot and the hallowed lawns of Oxford.

Their plan is simple; to sting Harvey for exactly what he snatched from them – not a penny more, not a penny less. It became quite inevitable, rather jocular for the four of them to play the cat and mice game, the most riveting part being the game was only enjoyed and acknowledged by the cat, but remained incognito for the mouse. They tracked his every move and successfully retrieved the lost amount, to be more precise, one million dollar along with the added expenses piece by piece. Harvey could not even get a slight hint of how and what he had been stung for; all hail to the impeccable plans of the four of them.

So, this enthralling novel from the pen of Jeffrey Archer has been augmented with all the elements that will enable us to have an intriguing experience, rather captivating our minds to the environs the four of them went through and the plan of action they followed. This book can very well make the readers discern the charisma of the plan, alleviating our pulses, increasing our heart beats and up- hilling our adrenaline rush. The message this book delivers to its readers is also quite simple, yet appealing – Don't get mean, get even. Hence, this will prove to be a really enjoyable read – A must for all, especially the Archer fans.

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