Review : Tell Me Your Dreams

January 5, 2013
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Publisher: Harpercollins Publishers
Year: 1998
ISBN: 9788172234904
Rating: ★★★★½
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Ashley Patterson – an introverted workaholic , Toni Prescott – an outgoing singer and dancer , Alette Peter – a shy artist , all same , yet the different persons , precisely different personalities , all of them drooping to the same atrocity , the same trauma to such an extent that they assert the safety of one another , despite their differences. Molestation of a girl leaves her devastated, dejected for life. Moreover when this heinous crime is committed by her father, it is the end of the world for her. This perilous fate skirted the three protagonists, clouding their judgment as well as their trust from the so-assumed-by-them-cruel-world.

Crime committed by a sense mind deserves to be punished, but crime committed by a lost sense, a lost heart & soul pursuits treatment. This is very well elucidated in this spine-chilling thriller by Sidney Sheldon. The barbarous murders committed by one, yet three personalities or three, yet one personality rightly precipitates the remains of a tormented mind , a tormented heart , clamoring for help , creating a commotion for redemption and Dr. Gilbert rightly saw through this. Dr. Gilbert, through love & tenderness made Ashley to capitulate the devil of woe.

The insidious character of Ashley’s father hidden behind the facade of love and tenderness is well portrayed in this enthralling, rather escalating thriller. A perfect gentleman, stringently a fostering, considerate father was concealed beneath the contemptible devil. Besides, the most astonishing part of the fiction is, the person highly concerned for Ashley’s mental state was the sole one responsible for her current demeanor.

So, this novel has all the necessary and sufficient elements to engross the readers into a world of spine – tingling stimulation. Sidney Sheldon takes care to make the reader spellbound during the pages of the novel with unusual crimes happening in the cities of Québec, Milan and Washington. The suspense is resolved sooner than expected. But it takes a long time to find out the reason for the murders ending with a turbulent climax that leaves the reader grasping for air!

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