Finale with a bang- Rapture by Kate Lauren

February 25, 2013
Author: Kate Lauren
Publisher: Doubleday Childrens
Year: 2012
Rating: ★★★★☆
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The deadly romance, the forbidden love, the fights, sacrifices, just name it and you get it. What else does an avid reader wants?

Grab a cup of coffee on a cold winter night, and a magnificent book that will drown you in that story. The series “Fallen” by Kate Lauren surely delivers it. This whole series came to an end with its most anticipated novel- “Rapture”. And by far it is the most intense and superbly written book of the whole lot.

The story takes us on the ride of an adventurous romance between an angel (Daniel) and a human being (Lucinda). This is the story about Lucinda, who reincarnates every time and keep falling in love with Daniel but this time if he let her go then she is gone forever. It tells how their lives are inter-twined as more she starts to know about him, the more vulnerable her life gets.

It follows the subject of “the fall”- the most intriguing story around about angels who had fallen from heaven. All angels had taken their respective places in the long battle except there is just one who has not chosen the sides. That person can tip the balance between heaven and hell. The side that will be chosen will win but the question remains, which side to choose? This series grows on you, and once you picked this novel, the eagerness inside you won’t let you put it down. The whole plot after the third novel transformed into forceful plot but some characters like Annabelle adds a pinch of humour in it (who wants all work, no play?).

In the finale struggle, there happens to be a quest to collect all three relics in the span of seven days, which added a subtle amount of adventure and thrill. This expedition leads them to the place where “the fall” actually happened. It now rests on Lucinda’s shoulder to make things go bizarre or make it all right.

Everything aside, the most prominent thing about this is its “imaginative spell”. It is like the author herself made us visit all those places.

Overall a great entertaining series and a true justification had been done by the writer. Read the first three parts then come to this “finale with a bang”. This novel is for every fiction craving book-lover (like me). She exactly knows what to write and how to manage the reader’s anxiety. A must read for sure. Just grab this book and submit yourself to this escapade.

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