Which fictional couple are you?

February 10, 2014

Made your plans for Valentine’s Day? Take this fun quiz to see which literary couple you are most like.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Ah, the proverbial star-crossed lovers. Their very names evoke the quality of timeless, undying, faithful love – which is a bit strange, actually, considering that:

  • They were together for a grand total of 4 days
  • Romeo had been a bit of a Romeo – er, Casanova – before he met Juliet (and 4 days didn’t give him much time to prove his fidelity or otherwise, don’t you think?)
  • Juliet had never even seen any other men before Romeo (easy to decide on Mr.Right if there’s no competition, right?)

But let’s not quibble with a classic. Generations of young lovers have identified with this doomed couple, if only because parental opposition to what they consider ‘inappropriate’ love has never ever gone out of fashion. And so, dear reader if you have just introduced the man/woman of your dreams to your family, and the result is:

  • Your mom is screeching, threatening never to see your face again, and complaining for the very first time of vague pains in her chest (right next to where she believes her heart is);
  • Sundry aunts are trying desperately to shove photographs on alternative ‘suitable prospects’ down your reluctant love-struck throat;
  • Your dad has quietly gone off to alert the neighbourhood khap panchayat;

then rest assured, it’s good ol’ R & J for you. Stay away from apothecaries… that is, chemist stores. And remember : parents usually come around! It generally takes elopement, four and a half years of marriage and a grandchild to make them see things your way, though.

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy

Elizabeth and Darcy

If your would-be partner and you have been walking around with your noses in the air, refusing to make the first move, then it is your own pride and prejudice that is preventing your personal Happily Ever After. This is how it goes:

Female half of would-be couple a.k.a Lizzy : The guy must make the first move.

Male half of would-be couple a.k.a Darcy : I did make the first move. I sat behind her in class and coughed. She pretended not to hear.

Lizzy : What do you mean? I really didn’t hear. (This, gentle reader, is a Big. Fat. Lie.)

Darcy : Well, I am not going to cough again.

Lizzy :  I am not going to look at D. again. Mein usko bhaav hi nahi doongi.

Darcy : Mein bhi usko bhaav nahi doonga…

Sighhhhh. Dear would-be Lizzies and Darcies, please, please do yourselves a favour, and just ask the other person out for a cup of coffee. There are only 3 outcomes:

  • The object of your affections proudly refuses, in which case there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Go fish some more.
  • You go out for coffee, find out that the o. of your a. loves Yo Yo Honey Singh, and tell yourself that one little coffee is a small price to pay for your eyes to be opened.
  • You go out for coffee, then for movies, then for dinner, and after a suitable number of coffees-movies-dinner, you enter Group One, i.e., the Romeos and Juliets above who are trying to persuade unreasonable pyaar-ke-dushman parents.

Ron and Hermione

ron hermione

The love-match of opposites. One of you is an intellectual – or a sports fanatic, or a political know-it-all, or a culture vulture. The other, sadly, is not. He or she is just like the rest of us, in fact. But therein lies a potential source of life-long one-upmanship (or one-upwomanship, as the case may be. One-up-personship, shall we say then?)

Even J. K. Rowling herself has expressed reservations about the practicality and eventual success of a Ron-Hermione relationship, but we prefer to be more egalitarian than that. Upon the Hermione of the couple (whether male or female) rests the onus of not talking down to his/her other half, though the Ron in the relationship should try, if at all possible, to glean some choice pickings from his/her partner’s wisdom. Both should make allowances for slip-ups. If Hermione responds to Ron’s faux pas by telling him that he has the emotional range of a teaspoon … well, things are bound to get sticky.

Cecilia Tallis and Robbie Turner

Cecilia and Robbie

This is an easy couple to identify with, if either you or your partner has a pesky  sister/brother who is a little too interested in your romance. We all know the one. This is what they do:

  • Eavesdrop on private conversations between you both, memorise all the lovely little mushy bits, and then tease you/blackmail you/rat on you;
  • Monopolise conversations with your better half when s/he comes home for the big meet-the-parents scene;
  • Have a crush on him/her. And then make it embarrassingly obvious to them.

So, a sibling is not the best of blessings to anyone engaged in a lil’ serious romancing. They are more likely to be a pain in the rear. Got any war stories of your own?

Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie

Jessica Darling

Yes, they’re in love; no, they’re not. An on-again, off-again relationship that takes the characters from their teens into adulthood, Jessica and Marcus keep readers guessing. Do you and your sweetheart do the same? Do your friends breathlessly follow your facebook status to check whether you’ve made up or broken up for the umpteenth time? Do you – admit it! – enjoy the constant drama of fights, tears, apologies, flowers, kisses, peace – and then fighting again?

So which category does your relationship fall into? Tell us!

Mugdha Wagle

Mugdha Wagle

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  • pinky z dhamani May 5, 2014 at 11:04 AM

    Wow gr8 analogy takes you back to a point when and how you and your spouse become a couple

  • Vinod Nair May 6, 2014 at 4:17 PM

    Me & My Wife more like Ron and Hermione :-))

  • geeta nair June 25, 2014 at 12:13 AM

    Made interesting read

  • Sumit Nangia June 25, 2014 at 2:16 AM

    I would pick up Jessica and Marcus for me.

  • Alisha June 25, 2014 at 9:04 AM

    lizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Oh how I love them 🙂

  • KUHU BANRJEE June 25, 2014 at 9:58 AM

    elizabeth bennet & mr. darcy! 🙂

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