Review : The Hound of The Baskervilles

November 30, 2012
Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Publisher: Penguin Popular Classics
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780140623611
Rating: ★★★★☆
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It became quite excruciating for Sir Charles Baskerville to stand, rather recuperate from the terror of the hound from the hell, the hound articulated to have jinxed the whole Baskerville family, that he became convulsed with an afflictive attack to the heart. This dragooned his son, stringently the rightful heir to the Baskerville hall to run for his life and consult the adroit, rather the most influential detective of 221b, Baker Street, London – Mr. Sherlock Holmes. To the utter dismay of Sir Henry Baskerville and his medico Dr. James Mortimer, Mr. Holmes became all set for this intriguing case, at the same time taking the utmost care to keep himself away from the vigilant eyes of the culprits.

To begin with, the case opened with Mr. Holmes solving a lifesaving, jumbled message, sent anonymously for Sir Henry to have been cut with nail scissors out of a newspaper. Sherlock kept the scent of the remnant whiff of perfume to himself for the climax. He became incubus enough to land his friend, Dr. John Watson on the unsung land of the concealed tract of the terrorizing Moor. Dr. Watson was also all ears to send every minute detail to Mr. Holmes with eyes peeled. He edified Sherlock of every possible, rather relevant detail, starting from his meeting and stay at Sir Henry’s to his confrontation with Stapleton – The Butterfly Catcher by then.

Mr. Holmes made a quite stupefied entrance to this enthralling case, precisely to the incognito stretch of the Moor. Holmes had kept his location arcane from Dr. Watson so that he would not be tempted to come out and Holmes would be able to appear on the scene of action at the critical moment. Holmes was very much grateful towards Watson. He even made Watson aware of a shocking, rather imperative detail for such a case, that made itself competent enough to reach the pinnacle of his career. He told his friend some of the information he had uncovered – Stapleton along with life-partnering Mrs. Stapleton, had also the vile plan of marrying Laura Lyons, in order to win her confidence.

The vileness of Stapleton confronted, precisely affronted by the ingeniousness definitely has the ability to agog the readers to stick their eyes on the book for a long time of the day. Holmes and Stapleton both were very much obsessed with the cat and mice game that Holmes got every chance to reveal Stapleton bit by bit, piece by piece, starting from his real name to the ingenious chemistry used behind the terrifying hound from the hell.

So, this fast paced, heart rendering, spine tingling thriller from the memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur has the ability to alleviate your heartbeat and increase your adrenaline rush. This book is a must read for all, especially for Sherlock Holmes fans – An absolute page turner.

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